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Đĩa bằng sứ Brillance 23cm sâu Rosenthal- 405101.10123

1,883,200 VND
1,883,170 VND
Giá KM đặc biệt: 1,318,219 VND

Đĩa bằng sứ Brillance 23cm sâu  Rosenthal- 405101.10123
Brillance/Fleur Sauvages/ Rim Plate 23cm Deep
There are great love stories so beautiful that they are hard to believe, such as the enduring romance between Philipp Rosenthal and his beautiful wife Maria. The privy councillor became so infatuated with his beloved Maria that he immediately named a porcelain tableware set after her – without realising it would one day turn into a bestseller and create millions of sales. This is the 100th anniversary of the celebrated Maria design, which today contains around 100 pieces. One of the finest and most extensive tableware collections, it is characterised by an elegant and distinctive neo-classical form enhanced by a delicate, finely curved edge tastefully decorated with a pomegranate relief. For a limited time only, Rosenthal will mark this special anniversary by extending the Maria range to include an archive collection of seven exquisite pieces.
Mã sản phẩm: 40510110123
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