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Terra Cotto Cast Iron Oval Casserole with Lid, Curry

12,000,000 VND

Terra Cotto Cast Iron Oval Casserole with Lid, Curry,
Manufactured By Sambonet
Size/Weight W 9.5" / D 9.5" / H 0" / 2.63 lb. 

Dishwasher safe
If you never cooked a single meal in these Sambonet Terra Cotto Piral designs, their presence alone would confirm your decision to buy them. They are destined to become part of your family kitchen legacy. Fired in Albisola ovens, this cookware is recognized as the highest quality terracotta cookware in the world able to withstand temperatures ranging from 250 C to 280C in an oven or a microwave. And, its materials are eco-friendly. Naturally. 

Terra.cotto is intended to rediscover the pleasure of traditional Mediterranean cooking and cuisine. Terracotta cookware promotes gradual heat diffusion, which enhances the organoleptic properties and flavours of food even with little seasoning. Organoleptic properties are the aspects of food or other substances that an individual experiences via the senses including taste, sight, smell, and touch. 
Mã sản phẩm: 51609A25
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