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Khung tranh trang trí hình chậu hoa SP/4F

28,500,000 VND

Khung tranh trang trí hình chậu hoa SP/4F
Cornice ovale barocco media c/appl fiori porcellana

Arte Ca.Sa.Srl , from over twenty years is the leading producer of wooden frames, picture and gift items; it has been renowned in Italy and abroad for commercial reliability, quality of its products and especially for the wide range of items and colors adaptable for any furnishing kind.
Craftsmanship come first in our line, that is the art of manufacturing useful articles, joined at the ability to create new items, with the cooperation of Capodimonte craftsmen and silversmiths; they make their creation unique.
Furthermore, we work with the greatest care for the realization of good quality products with moderate prices, because our specialty is to satisfy our customers.
Mã sản phẩm: SP4F
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